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JCLA realized that a large segment of its beneficiaries encountered legal issues because they lacked the necessary knowledge of the law – both concerning crime prevention and right-claiming. Ignorance of the law and concerns of high legal fees often scare away those in need to resort to the formal justice system. This causes them to either fall deeper into their legal crisis or resort to negative coping mechanisms, often remaining outside the legal system, never knowing what it may offer and how to benefit from it. For this reason, JCLA built its Awareness Unit, whose primary focus is to disseminate information on legal topics and where to seek help when needed. Through its now extensive network, JCLA capitalized on its partners’ outreach to identify at-risk groups in the community and provide them with legal awareness on topics deemed relevant by the targeted population. By educating the general public, JCLA fosters an environment where individuals can anticipate legal issues and learn how to deal with them in a timely manner. Since 2008, JCLA has delivered over 11,000 awareness activities to disseminate legal information, reaching more than 300,000 community members.

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