Collaborative Dialogue: A Session in Partnership with the Ministry of Social Development

The Justice Center for Legal Aid and Save the Children Jordan collaboratively organized a discussion session in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development, focusing on legislation and procedures aimed at safeguarding children in begging situations. The session commenced with a presentation by the Justice Center for Legal Aid, outlining the outcomes of a comprehensive legislative gap analysis addressing the protection of children in begging scenarios.

Additionally, Save the Children presented findings from an institutional framework analysis for the protection of children in street situations. The subsequent general discussion delved into key recommendations derived from both analyses. This session is part of the broader program, “Strengthening the Capacity of National Systems to Protect and Preserve the Rights of Children in Street Situations and Children Begging,” a two-year initiative led by Save the Children Jordan in collaboration with various partners. The project employs a three-pronged strategy to fortify and institutionalize national legislation, enhance the capacity of service providers, and advocate for policy reform while raising public awareness about the rights of children in street situations and children begging.